WWU is drilling a new well

By on Thursday, September 16th, 2021 in Columbia Basin News Columbia Basin Top Stories

COLLEGE PLACE – Walla Walla University drilling a new water well, a process that will replace a well that has been in service since the 1940s. WWU has two water wells that support the College Place campus. The new well, which is being dug at the southwest corner of Centennial Green near Sittner Hall, will replace one that has recently failed.

Both the university and the city of College Place have an intertie agreement where they can help each other out, if necessary.

“We have had an intertie for decades with an agreement,” City Administrator Mike Rizzitiello said. “WWU has no water storage. We provide water storage and they pay us annually via the intertie agreement.”

Alongside the city intertie and the other existing well, the new well is intended to provide quality drinking water to the WWU campus for years to come.

Drilling began Aug. 24 and will eventually reach a depth of 1,295 feet. The process of drilling, installing equipment and testing water flow is expected to stretch well into fall quarter.

Photo from Walla Walla University