WWPS board reschedules interrupted meeting

By on Thursday, September 23rd, 2021 in Columbia Basin News Columbia Basin Top Stories

WALLA WALLA – The Walla Walla Public Schools Board of Directors will continue its September regular business meeting next Tuesday, Sept. 28 at 5:30 p.m. This comes after Tuesday night’s meeting was disrupted by an unknown individual. The individual, who refused to comply with state-mandated health and safety requirements for in-person public meetings, was eventually moved outside by Walla Walla police officers.

Once outside, the individual claimed an exemption from the mandate and reentered the meeting. Due to a lack of clarity regarding the overlapping state public health orders and Governor Inslee’s proclamations, both district officials and law enforcement agreed the meeting should be continued virtually at another time with proper public notification.

Attorneys for the city and school district have since confirmed there are no exemptions to the state-mandated health and safety requirements for in-person attendees. Public agencies offering an in-person meeting option are required to provide a reasonable accommodation for someone who cannot wear a mask. The district says that accommodation is the virtual option provided.