WWPD arrests frequently armed man

By on Wednesday, June 9th, 2021 in Columbia Basin News More Top Stories

WALLA WALLA – After several contacts with Jullian Perez, 20, Walla Walla Police arrested him Monday and charged him with two counts of display of a firearm with the intent to intimidate. They have also requested a psychiatric evaluation of the suspect.

WWPD Sgt. Gunner Fulmer said their first contact with Perez was on the evening of May 22 when Perez was reported to be walking along the 1700 block of Pleasant Street carrying a gun behind his back, staring at the person who was calling 911.

Another incident occurred on Saturday at 11 p.m. Perez was reported to be dressed in all black, carrying an assault rifle, and staring at someone for an extended amount of time, causing alarm. Then, on Sunday at midnight Perez was reported to be standing outside someone’s home holding a handgun in the area of Aspen and Garden streets. He left that area, carrying the gun in his hand.

On both those encounters, police contacted Perez. The assault rifle and the handgun were seized.

On Monday afternoon, officers were dispatched to the area of South Wilbur and Dakota for a report of a man walking out in front of a vehicle, forcing it to drive around him, and then hitting the side of a handgun on his hip, alarming the driver. Officers flooded the area, suspecting it was Perez, but he could not be found.

About an hour later, officers were in the area of Jackson Street and South Wilbur due to units responding for a possible structure fire. Police stayed in the area due to concerns for the safety of those first responders. A short time later, Perez was seen walking down Jackson Street with a handgun in his hand. They took Perez into custody and seized that gun as well.