Wastewater Updates and Water Meter Tampering Reminders from North Powder

By on Monday, January 30th, 2023 in More Top Stories Northeastern Oregon News

NORTH POWDER – (Information from the City of North Powder) North Powder recently accepted re-bids for its planned Wastewater Improvement Project. Bids opened last Wednesday, and the city received four in total. Bids are currently being reviewed and will be presented to the city council upon verification. The council will then make a formal decision on which bid to move forward with and allow a seven-day protest period where rejected bidders may contest the bid outcome or process. The contract will ultimately be awarded to the lowest bidder, however.

 On the subject of water, North Powder is reminding residents to never tamper with their water meters. In its January newsletter, North Powder wrote the following:

“This is a reminder to everyone that no- body but a City employee should EVER access a water meter to turn it on or off. If something should happen to the meter, not only will it invalidate any warranty, but you will also be responsible for the cost of any repair or replacement. And, if it is turned off without notifying City Hall, you will still be charged the base rate for water and sewer service, even if there has been no water use. So, please do NOT touch water meters.

We would also like to remind you watch for and not drive over meter boxes in the alleys. This time of year they may still be covered or partially covered in snow. As the weather warms up and the ground softens, driving over meter boxes may push them further into the ground and push against a water pipe which could then break. Please not only watch out for the water meter boxes, but any other utility box or line, such as gas, phone, or electrical.”