Wallowa County Wolf Investigation determined to be “Probable” attack by Chesnimnus Pack

By on Monday, May 23rd, 2022 in Featured Stories Northeastern Oregon News

WALLOWA COUNTY – The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has released information in relation to a wolf investigation in the Red Hill area of Wallowa County last week.  The ODFW Livestock Depredation Investigation Report is as follows: 

May 18, 2022 – Wallowa County (Red Hill area) 

Date Investigated: 5/18/22 

Cause of death/injury: Probable 

General situation and animal information: On the afternoon of 5/18/22, a producer found the remains of a two-month-old calf in an ~2000-acre pasture on public land. The only parts remaining were the head, the spine, most of the ribs, and pelvis. There was no tissue or hide except on the head. There was an area of trampling and disturbance 20 yards above the carcass, and then the carcass was dragged, during feeding, to a more open area downslope. The calf was estimated to have died four days prior to the investigation. 

Physical evidence and summary of findings: The head was shaved, skinned, and examined. There was no physical evidence of an attack on the carcass, however, the area of nearby ground disturbance appeared to be an attack scene where the calf was killed by a predator. Based on the scene and the recent confirmed wolf depredation events in nearby pastures one mile and five miles away, the determination is probable. This attack was attributed to the Chesnimnus Pack.