WA students’ grades are slipping

OLYMPIA – The state of Washington is seeing grades from students slipping. Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal said it stems from distance learning due to the pandemic.

Reykdal recently expressed his concern to reporters in Vancouver. He said one of his biggest concerns is that many of the students whose grades are suffering are those who have always been successful in the classroom. Reykdal said he worries that distance learning doesn’t allow the classroom structure when the lesson is done, and students are asked to work on their own.

Reykdal is urging educators to take a hard look at the students who are having problems. If some sort of occasional in-person learning is not possible, teachers should at least engage remotely one-on-one.

Reykdal also urged parents whose children are struggling to try talking to the teacher about possible solutions. If that doesn’t work, he advises going to the principal but asks parents to remember that distance learning is a learning experience for all involved and understanding is appreciated.