WA Phase Finder ends

By on Tuesday, March 30th, 2021 in Columbia Basin News More Top Stories

OLYMPIA – The Washington Department of Health will no longer requiring proof of vaccine eligibility with its Phase Finder tool beginning tomorrow (Wednesday). Phase Finder is the online questionnaire people had been required to fill out to determine whether they were eligible to get the shots.

People will no longer be required to prove that they are eligible under the current phases to qualify. The DOH stated that officials are trusting that most people will continue to do the right thing and wait their turns.

Removing Phase Finder as the first step in getting a vaccine is intended to speed up the vaccination process and reduce barriers for those who wish to get vaccinated. The DOH stated in its newsletter that the importance is to vaccinate as many vulnerable community members as quickly as possible.

On Wednesday, another 2 million Washingtonians become eligible for vaccinations. Those include anyone with two or more medical conditions, anyone 60 or older, anyone living in congregate settings including the homeless, and additional workers in congregate settings like restaurants.