Visitors Services decision put on hold, public forums to be held

BAKER COUNTY – Baker County Commissioners this week heard a discussion by Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort on the Request for Proposal (RFP) regarding Baker County Visitor Services.  According to Baker County Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Services Executive Director Shelly Cutler, the Commissioners have made the decision to hold off for the time being, and to hold public forums and check with the Baker County Attorney to make sure the RFP was processed appropriately so that anyone who is awarded the Visitors Center is able to “start with a clean slate,” said Cutler.  

Cutler says that she feels that the public forums are a wonderful idea in order to ensure that whoever is running the visitors center, that the entire county is represented.  Cutler says she is excited for the Commissioner to go to places like Richland, Oregon and Halfway and Sumpter to hear what those business owners and lodging partners have to say and see what their thoughts are.  This is a decision that impacts the county as a whole and not just a small portion of the community.

Cutler notes that she understands why Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort wants a decision to be made, so they can start preparing for Tourist Season but she prefers the process take as long as necessary to make the best decision for Baker County overall.