Urban renewal district street repair plan in the works

PENDLETON – The Pendleton Development Commission continues to work on a plan that would rebuild streets in the city’s urban renewal district. Mayor John Turner said the focus will be between Southeast Seventh and Southwest Seventh streets. The PDC has asked staff to come back with details on what it would consider to be the eight most-needed projects.

“It’s basically Southeast Third Street to Southwest Seventh Street,” he said of that most-needed area. “We can use urban renewal dollars to reconstruct streets. We cannot use them for just normal street maintenance.”

City Manager Robb Corbett said the commitment by the PDC will help both the city and taxpayers. He’s looking at a city-wide street repair list that’s estimated at $40 million.

“These urban renewal dollars will effectively reduce the amount of tax dollars that have to be generated to be able to take care of all of our roads,” he said. “If the urban renewal district went away, our taxes would not go down. Effectively, what we’re doing is we’re leveraging 66 percent of these dollars that would have gone to other governing entities. This is an enormous win for the taxpayers of Pendleton.”