Upcoming study on the interaction between deer and juniper treatments

By on Friday, January 13th, 2023 in Eastern/Southeast Oregon News More Top Stories

DAYVILLE – Amy Stiner, South Fork John Day Watershed Council Coordinator, was in KJDY/News 102 Studios on Thursday and explained a juniper thinning study they’ll be partaking in this year:

“It’s kind of an exciting project. We’re partnering with a landowner on the John Day River area, where we’re going to do different types of juniper treatments. We’re going to do juniper thinning instead of just clear cutting it all. The thought there is, the mule deer, which are kind of struggling right now—you know, they might use that for cover during the day, to sleep or whatnot.”

Stiner said they’ll put out trail cameras to observe how the mule deer are using the different types of treatments, including their interactions with thinned juniper, clear cut juniper patches, as well as juniper stands that haven’t been touched. Follow South Fork John Day Watershed Council on Facebook.