Union County approves over $108,000 for emergency services equipment

By on Friday, May 17th, 2024 in Uncategorized

UNION COUNTY – During their May 15 meeting, the Union County Board of Commissioners approved two title III funding projects to support Union County Emergency Services (UCES) and Union County Search and Rescue (SAR) totaling $108,485 dollars. UCES will receive $52,200 dollars and SAR will receive $56,285 dollars.

The funds will go toward purchasing various pieces of equipment for the organizations, ranging from UTV and ATV trailers, emergency kits, and communication devices. In particular, the funds will be used to purchase a new tracked utility vehicle (UTV) for UCES and a new snowmobile for SAR. According to the Title III submission forms for both organizations, UCES current UTV is aging, underpowered, and lacking the ability to use tracks for winter operations while SAR lost both of its older snowmobiles due to mechanical failure and fire respectively. The new vehicles, along with other equipment, will increase both organizations’ remote transport and rescue capabilities. A full list of all equipment being purchased with the Title III funds is as follows:

SAR Equipment

  • SkiDoo Expedition (Rescue snowmobile)
  • Rescue Sled
  • Vehicle Safety Kits
  • Canopy for F250
  • Cell Boosters
  • Flatbed ATV trailer
  • Aztec/Wingman
  • Reflective Striping
  • Avalanche Beacon Kit
  • Snowmobile and ATV Helmets
  • Electric Chainsaw

UCES Equipment

  • Honda Pioneer with Tracks (UTV)
  • Trailer for UTV
  • Evacuation Kits
  • EOC Smart Board
  • EOC Map & Whiteboard Improvements
  • EM Computers


  • Defibrillators