Two more livestock depredations occur in Grant County

By on Tuesday, December 26th, 2023 in Eastern/Southeast Oregon News More Top Stories

SENECA / PRAIRIE CITY – Another two recent livestock depredations have occurred by the Murderer’s Creek and Logan Valley wolves, according to investigation documents from the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife.

On December 19th, one eight-month-old bovine calf was found injured on private land in Bear Valley of Grant County. The attack has been confirmed as depredation from the Murderer’s Creek Pack.

Four days earlier, on December 15th, one injured cow was found on private land in the upper John Day Basin. This confirmed depredation was the result of wolves from the Logan Valley Pack.

And speaking of Grant County wolves, last Saturday, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) experts completed work in Oregon to capture a total of 10 wolves and relocate them to Colorado in efforts to establish a population there. One of those wolves, a 71-pound gray female yearling, was taken from the Desolation Pack in Grant County.

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