Trying to return to full in-person learning

By on Monday, May 17th, 2021 in More Top Stories Northeastern Oregon News

LA GRANDE, OR – The La Grande School District has been asked how the next school year will look.  According to George Mendoza, Superintendent of the La Grande School District said, that the goal is to return back to normal before the COVID pandemic began.  Even if the school year does go back to normal, on-line options will be available for families or a hybrid experience which would be part on-line and part in the classroom.  A variety of options still will be available.  

Mendoza said he was making it clear we are not doing compressive distance learning similar to what took place this year.  Mendoza also said, if the district is required to do compressive distance learning by the state they will comply, but if the district is not required to do so, then the goal is to have full in-person learning. “The more we have less COVID, the more we have vaccinations, the reality is that is when a lot of the restrictions will go away,” Mendoza said.