Toasty is on the mend – no ‘butts’ about it

By on Tuesday, August 17th, 2021 in Columbia Basin News More Top Stories

WALLA WALLA – Cats don’t really have nine lives, but a stray feline was badly burned on June 23 when the electrical transformer he was resting on blew and has lived to see another day thanks to a community effort to save him.

The cat was found by three Pacific Power linemen, who immediately called the Blue Mountain Humane Society of Walla Walla. The medical team at Blue Mountain Humane Society examined the cat, who was quickly named Toasty, then took him to Associated Veterinary Clinic for a second opinion.

“There’s not a very delicate way to put it, BMHS Communications Manager Anelecia Burns wrote. “Basically, Toasty’s butt kind of fell off. The part of him that was sitting on the electrical box got totally fried.”

Toasty spent his days in a kennel with BMHS staff regularly rubbing ointment on his wounds. Burns said in spite of the discomfort, he always purred. More than a month later, things healed enough to where veterinarians could pull some skin around and stitch Toasty up.

“He’s got a forever scar along his side where the electricity went through his body,” Burns wrote. “For now, he’s got some very stubby frazzled little whiskers, which he’s working on regrowing.”

Toasty now has a foster home with a volunteer who works with the medical team. Burns stated he’ll be ready for adoption when he’s fully recovered. The humane society is conducting a fundraising campaign to pay for Toasty’s medical care.

Toasty’s before and after photos are compliments of the Blue Mountain Humane Society.