Third annual coastal Houndsmen for Heroes event

By on Friday, February 3rd, 2023 in Eastern/Southeast Oregon News More Top Stories

Harney County- The Houndsmen for Heroes third annual coastal even is off to a great start! Both of the heroes were able to get 3 bobcats last night.

The heroes rested, ate breakfast and are ready to head out again to tag some more.

Houndsmen for Heroes was formed to honor, support and help heal our nations heroes through outdoor recreation. The goal at Houndsmen for Heroes is to help veterans find hope and healing in the great outdoors, after returning form combat situations, or thanking local heroes for their service and sacrifice as an American Patriot. Although Houndsmen for Heroes is a young organization, they have high hopes and goals to reach the combat veteran community as well as give thanks to those who have served our communities and country so selflessly. The basis of the organization is to provide a world-class hunting experience at no cost to them. The biggest change; where most organizations would complete their service at the hunting event, Houndsmen for Heroes then hope to integrate them within the sportsman community based on their desires, experience and fellowship connections made from their event. Houndsmen for Heroes want the outdoor lifestyle to be a place of sanctuary, healing, hope and peace.