Teens sought for role at Baker County Dispatch

BAKER COUNTY – (Information provided by Baker County Sheriff’s Travis Ash via North Power Schools) The Baker County Sheriff’s office is looking for responsible 18-year-olds (or soon to be 18) individuals that may not have set career plans.

This person(s) could be interested in being a reserve dispatcher where they learn to answer 911 calls, give directions for rescue techniques such as CPR, send medics, fire or law enforcement to emergencies, etc. We are looking for people that are motivated, mature, and can understand the importance of the job but also respect the confidentiality of others while working at the Sheriff’s Office.

The reserve positions require volunteer time until the person is able to answer the phone and enter a call into the computer. Once that is complete they may be summoned to work a shift or partial shift with a full-time dispatcher which would be paid. (A high school student was hired 3 weeks ago and is covering shifts now).

Sheriff Ash has personally learned to work in the dispatcher center and it requires a lot of multi-tasking, being able to think fast, and talk with people while typing what is being said into a “call” screen. It can be intense at times but also very rewarding. The department teaches the skills that are needed and reserves are paid at the same rate as a step 1 dispatcher. The reserve dispatcher always works with a partner.

If any students or former students are interested, please have them reach out to Travis Ash and you all can get a “sit” in set up where they can come in and observe the dispatch center, watch experienced dispatchers work and see if they would enjoy this type of job. The department will do complete background checks/drug screening etc before hiring a reserve.