Summer Food Service Program for student in La Grande is changing

By on Tuesday, April 25th, 2023 in More Top Stories Northeastern Oregon News

LA GRANDE – The Summer Food Service Program in La Grande is changing. Lindsey Meinhard (LM), Food Service Manager with the La Grande School District spoke with Elkhorn Media Group (EMG) staff recently to explain the changes.

(EMG) Lindsey can you tell me a little about the changes coming this summer to the Summer Food Service Program?

(LM) Community Connections had been running the food service program over the summer for a long time. But we reached out to Community Connections, and they had been looking to turn it back over to the school district.  So, we met with them, and we all decided that it made more sense that the school district run that summer program.

(EMG) That’s great to hear that the district will be taking this over.  Where will students be able to get lunch?

(LM) So, our plan right now is to have lunch service throughout the summer at both the Greenwood Elementary Park across from the school and at Island City Elementary School. This gives two spots on opposite sides of town where students can get lunch.

(EMG) Will there be any sort of cost associated?

(LM) It is completely free of charge. 

(EMG) How do students go about getting the lunches?  Is there an application process or anything like that?

(LM) No, there’s no application process. All they have to do is show up. We don’t even need to take anybody’s names. As long as you’re zero years old to 18 years old you are eligible. It doesn’t matter where you live in town or anything like that, you can just show up and have lunch.

Anyone interested in more information about this program can call Lindsey at 541-663-3229