Streets will be closed for Safe Routes to School event

LA GRANDE – The La Grande Community celebrated it’s first Community Street gathering on August 5th. This first event was organized by a community member, but it inspired our Safe Routes to School Coordinator, Jessie Wilson, to host more events. At these events, the entire street is closed to through traffic, allowing community members to get out and see their neighbors and friends at a safe distance.

The next event will take place on October 21st from 6:30-7:30pm on F Ave between Second St. and Sunset Dr. Please make sure to bundle up as it’s getting colder, and don’t forget your mask! Jessie will be at the event to hand out reflective gear to the children in attendance. There will also be a traffic garden, a temporary chalk drawing that kids can practice riding their bike through, at the event. Said Jessie Wilson, “It’s super exciting to share this opportunity with this neighborhood and those surrounding it.  Come out and socialize at a safe distance, wear your mask and reconnect with people who live around you.”