Stimulus funds could help start GRATE project

By on Thursday, April 29th, 2021 in Columbia Basin News More Top Stories

HERMISTON – The city of Hermiston is well aware that traffic congestion is increasing at the city’s only two east-west routes. It is planning to create a third route, formally called the Gettman Road and Railway Alternative Transportation Enhancement project – but referred to simply as the GRATE project.

The largest portion of the property that would be involved in paving the now-gravel section of Gettman Road and, in four phases, extending it.

“Adding this project will create an entirely new corridor on the south end of the city to connect Highway 207 to Highway 395 and create a full east-west connection,” Morgan said.

The Umatilla County Board of Commissioners is supporting the GRATE project, which Morgan said will cost a total of just under $9 million. He said it is the only way to take the strain of growing east-west traffic from the two existing routes at Highway 395 and Elm and First and Highland.

“One of the biggest complaints that we receive from the community is the congestion that we experience at First and Highland when the high school is in session,” he said.