Still time to participate in the 2020 Census

EASTERN OREGON – If you have not yet participated in the 2020 Census, there is still time!  You can help out the community by partaking in the count by going to and answering a few quick questions.

Participating in the 2020 Census will provide crucial information regarding the allocation of billions of dollars for the next ten years in federal funding to communities across the country, including Union County.  This includes funding for hospitals, fire departments, grants, rural education, school lunch programs, highway planning and construction, community development, and over a hundred other critical programs and services.  

Census results will directly affect our community every day!

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Community Impact:

What is the 2020 Census:

Importance of the Data:

If you need assistance with the Census or do not have computer access, you can contact Community Connections in La Grande at (541) 963-7532 to schedule an appointment. 

Assistance is also available by telephone by contacting the 2020 Census at 844-330-2020.