Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund approved

By on Friday, January 29th, 2021 in More Top Stories Northeastern Oregon News

UNION COUNTY – Union County Commissioners met Wednesday and approved on a Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund (STIF) Plan for the upcoming 2021-23 biennium in order to be eligible to utilize the funding allocated to Union County for public transportation purposes.  The primary target population to be served with these programs is low income households, disabled, and students.  Funding available to Union County for this purpose is $782,015 over the 2021-23 biennium.  

The Union County STIF Advisory Committee reviewed the draft plan at a meeting held on January 21, 2021.  Their recommendation is to approve and submit the plan as prepared.  They believe the services provided with the available funding are very valuable to Union County citizens.

Community Connection of Northeast Oregon is the transportation provider for services under this program.  In identifying projects for funding, they utilized a ridership survey, a Technical Advisory Committee, and a focus group of users.  This allowed them to identify those services most valued by the users.  The plan and funding allocation were prepared based on those results.

Attached is a summary of the projects identified in the plan and the proposed funding allocation.

FY-21-23-STIF-Plan-Summary.pdf (