State officials tour McKay Creek

By on Wednesday, June 26th, 2019 in Local News

Flood damage to the flow of McKay Creek through Community Park is pictured in this photo by Don Ferguson.

PENDLETON, Oregon – The city of Pendleton and the McKay Creek Water District hosted state officials for a first-hand look of the damage the April flood did to the creek’s stream bed. City Manager Robb Corbett said the tour highlighted why repairs must be made before the next water season.

“Previously, at 1200 cubic feet per second, the stream stayed within its banks,” Corbett said. “After the flood, that was not the case. We Were seeing the stream outside its banks at 600 cfs in some places.”

Corbett said the officials got their feet wet during the tour that was hosted by the water district.

“We were able to walk out into the stream and have some understanding of what it looked like prior to the flood and what it looks like now,” Corbett said. “The McKay Water Control District did a really great job.”

Corbett said they received advice on how to begin the process to get into the creek and remedy the problems that are hampering the stream flow. They will also be attending a meeting in Portland with more state and some federal officials as they jump through the hoops to get into the water and deal with gravel and silt that have piled up because of the April flood.

This is just one element of several that are being explored by a variety of officials and residents. They are on a quest to upgrade equipment, change procedures, and take every step possible to ensure the safety of the residents and property along the creek.