State Livestock Judging Results for Union County Students

By on Wednesday, August 31st, 2022 in More Top Stories Northeastern Oregon News

UNION COUNTY – (Information from the Union County Student Livestock Judging Team) State fair has come to an end. Students from across Union County had the opportunity to participate in the fair’s livestock judging competition. The results for Union County team have been finalized and are available below:

State Fair Results: Livestock Judging 

Advanced Team: 

3rd Overall.

Team Members: Gavin Bakker, Jake Bingaman, Delaney Klebaum, Jayda Blackburn, Kale Bingaman and Paiten Braseth.

5th High Individual:               Jayda Blackburn

6th High Individual:               Gavin Bakker

Beef: 3rd Team

2nd High Individual:              Jayda Blackburn

5th High Individual:               Gavin Bakker

Sheep/Goats: 2nd Team

4th High Individual:               Kale Bingaman

6th High Individual:               Jayda Blackburn

8th High Individual:               Delaney Klebaum 

10th High Individual:             Jake Bingaman

Swine: 3rd Team

4th High Individual:               Kale Bingaman

6th High Individual:               Jake Bingaman

10th High Individual:             Gavin Bakker

Reasons: 2nd Team

7th High Individual:               Jayda Blackburn 

8th High Individual:               Kale Bingaman

Intermediate Team:

Champion Intermediate Livestock Judging. 

Team Members: Camilla Blackburn, Jayda Cant, Jyett Cant, Paige Braseth and Jo Bingaman

2nd High Individual:              Jayda Cant

4th High Individual:               Jo Bingaman

5th High Individual:               Jyett Cant

8th High Individual:               Paige Braseth

Sheep/Goats: 3rd Team

4th High Individual:               Paige Braseth

9th High Individual:               Jayda Cant 

Swine: 2nd Team

1st High Individual:                Jyett Cant

5th High Individual:               Jayda Cant

7th High Individual:               Jo Bingaman

9th High Individual:               Paige Braseth

10th High Individual:             Camilla Blackburn

Beef: 1st Team 

1st High Individual:                Jayda Cant

2nd High Individual:              Jyett Cant

3rd High Individual:               Jo Bingaman

Reasons: 2nd Team

3rd High Individual:              Jyett Cant

4th High Individual:               Jayda Cant

5th High Individual:               Paige Braseth

9th High Individual:               Jo Bingaman

10th High Individual:             Camilla Blackburn 

Special thanks to coaches Karrie and Brendan Kelley and assistant coach JD Cant.