Small School Football Stars set to Shine at 8-Man All-Star Game

LA GRANDE — A squad of some of the best local high school football players across Eastern Oregon are set to hit the gridiron at this week’s Oregon 8-Man All Star Game in La Grande.

The game highlights senior players and pits the all-stars from the west side of Oregon against the east. Many smaller schools across the state participate in 8-man football rather than the typical 11 players, as 8-man football is particularly advantageous for smaller schools with limited player pools. It allows them to field a competitive team with fewer athletes, as opposed to the larger roster required for 11-man football. 

With fewer players on the field, 8-man football also tends to be faster and higher-scoring compared to traditional 11-man football. The reduced number of players leads to more open space, creating exciting and dynamic gameplay.

East Team head coach Dave Doman, who also serves as Offensive Coordinator for Crane Union High, says the speed and openness of the game is just one of the many special things about 8-man ball. “The communities that have schools that play 8-man football are special and hardworking. As a result, you get raw, hardworking and tough kids that make great 8-man football players. When you get an all-star team of these players together, it’s magical.”

This year’s East team roster includes:

Brock Bertalotto – Adrian High School

Robert Garza – Adrian High School

Jace Martin – Adrian High School

Patrick Frisch – Cove High School

Jake Doman – Crane Union High School

Emery Hammond – Crane Union High School

Jared Zander – Crane Union High School

August Harvey – Dufur High School

Joe Lathrop – Elgin High School

Chase Duncan – Enterprise High School

Caden Fent – Enterprise High School

Kellen Gronquist – Ione High School

Bryce Rollins – Ione High School

Braxton Golar – Powder Valley High School

Cade Lind – Powder Valley High School

Cole Martin – Powder Valley High School

Logan Profitt – Powder Valley High School

Cooper Secl – Powder Valley High School

Josiah Carlson – Sherman County High School

Kole Martin – Sherman County High School

Kickoff for this year’s game is set for 7:00pm this Friday, June 23 at Community Stadium in La Grande. Admission is $5 for adults and children.