Sheriff McKinley recommends a tourniquet for your first aid kit

By on Thursday, January 4th, 2024 in Eastern/Southeast Oregon News More Top Stories

JOHN DAY – Grant County Sheriff Todd McKinley was on KJDY’s Coffee Time Thursday. The Sheriff reflected on winter travel, and gave some advice to listeners regarding things to keep in your vehicle’s first aid kit:

“You know, first aid-wise…I think more people should carry tourniquets. Everybody should have a tourniquet in their first aid kid. Obviously, your small bandages…simple things to just stop the bleed. Stopping the bleed is the biggest thing. And some sort of Israeli bandage, or something like that for bigger bleeds.”

The Sheriff also recommends carrying a device in your vehicle capable of breaking out a window.

Listen to the full podcast here:

Below is a downloadable diagram from the Department of Homeland Security on tourniquet usage: