Sheriff finds lost hunter using night vision optics

By on Friday, October 28th, 2022 in Eastern/Southeast Oregon News Featured Stories

UMATILLA NF – Grant County Sheriff Todd McKinley issued a press release Friday regarding a lost hunter in northern Grant County. Find the release in full below:

(Press release from Grant County Sheriff Todd McKinley)

Frank Lundstrom, 74, of Prineville was hunting in the Desolation unit in the Umatilla National Forest on the afternoon of October 27th, when he became lost after tracking a bull elk.

Lundstrom had cell service and was able to make contact with the Grant County Emergency Communication Center. He was able to provide a rough idea of where he was. After Lundstrom talked to Grant County Patrol Sgt. Komning, they narrowed down his location to an area on Sharps Ridge, 16 miles or so east of Meadowbrook Summit.

Lundstrom built a fire and was able to warm himself, as his feet had been dampened by the three plus inches of snow fall in the area.

With the aid of recently purchased night vision that was afforded through a grant, Sheriff McKinley was able to rapidly pinpoint Lundstrom’s exact location near 1215 am on the 28th.

Lundstrom was uninjured and in good spirits and was transported out of the area  to a waiting family member.

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind those traveling to the woods, that conditions have rapidly changed in the last week, and we have gone from summer to winter conditions seemingly over night. Make sure you are prepared to spend the night out if need be.

Todd McKinley