Sheep killed by Ukiah Wolf Pack

By on Wednesday, June 1st, 2022 in Columbia Basin News More Top Stories

SALEM – The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has confirmed that two sheep were killed by wolves in the Coyote Canyon area of Umatilla County. The carcasses were found on Monday morning and an investigation was carried out on Tuesday.

ODFW reports that a shepherd found a dead 180-pound ewe and a dead 70-pound lamb in a 5,000-acre private pasture a mile from the herder’s camp in an area where the sheep had been bedded for the night.

The ewe had been mostly consumed and the lamb was entirely intact. Both sheep were estimated to have been killed between Sunday night and Monday morning.

Both animals had injuries that indicated they had been attacked by a predator. The ewe had pre-mortem tooth punctures on the neck with pre-mortem hemorrhaging in the remaining muscle tissue. The lamb had numerous pre-mortem bite punctures and multiple tears in the hide on the neck, throat, and left hindquarters above the hock.

The severity and location of injuries to the sheep is consistent with wolf attacks and ODFW attributed the attack to the Ukiah Wolf Pack.