Search for Gwen Brunelle still active, she was last seen on June 27

MALHEUR COUNTY — It’s been nearly eight months since Gwen Brunelle vanished.

Gwen left her home in Boise on June 26, 2023, telling family and friends she was headed to California. 

She was last seen at a Jordan Valley, Oregon, gas station on June 27.

The following day her vehicle was found roughly 17 miles north of Jordan Valley, at a turnoff on Succor Creek Rd.

Extensive searches in the area over the summer revealed nothing, until the T-shirt was discovered by volunteers on September 10th. The T-shirt triggered another round of searches later that month, where a civilian helicopter crew spotted boots and socks nearby, The boots and socks were found roughly 1.5 miles from where her car was found.

Since then, no trace of Gwen has been found.

Malheur County Sheriff Travis Johnson says since September , the trail has gone cold.

“The investigation is still open but we are not actively working it at this time,” says Sheriff Johnson.  “We had hoped more clues would turn up during the various hunting seasons in the area but we have not received any additional clues.”

Her family provided Elkhorn Media Group with this statement on their own, independent search for Gwen:

Thanks to many friends and family we kept the ground searches up through December 20 until the snow and mud made it impossible to get further into the higher ground. After the September 23rd search day I and/or many others were out there at least fifteen times.

We hired Terravata of Homedale, ID for high resolution photos from a drone and they covered approximately 4,000 acres that we’ve looked through for clues. Also, Silver Valley Search & Rescue came from northern Idaho and did additional drone photography.

We plan to re-initiate searches this spring when conditions allow.

Andy & Betsy Brunelle

Gerald Sanderson

Anyone with information on Gwen’s disappearance is urged to call the Malheur County Sheriff’s Office.