School Board Special Meeting Highlight included a Guaranteed Maximum Price review

BAKER CITY – The School Board for the Baker School District held a special meeting yesterday in order to review some information related to the new middle school cafeteria and multi-purpose building.  Baker School District Superintendent Erin Lair (EL) spoke with Shannon McKone (SM) with Elkhorn Media Group, following that meeting to share some highlights.

(SM) Thank you for joining me, Superintendent Lair. Let’s talk about some highlights from the special school board meeting that took please yesterday afternoon.

(EL) Hi, Shannon.  The special school board meeting was held to review a Guaranteed Maximum Price for the new Middle School Cafeteria/Multi-Purpose Building from our contractor, as well as timelines for the project.

The Guaranteed Maximum Price presented was about $6.5 million, up slightly from the January estimate based on actual sub bids received at the end of February and a slightly expanded Safety and Security scope.

This is still within the overall budget and scope updated this past January, and you will be able to view the updated budget and schedule very soon on our bond website:

Additionally, we are excited to be planning a Groundbreaking Ceremony for the new Middle School Cafeteria/Multi-Purpose Building at 4:30pm on Tuesday, April 11.

(SM) That’s really exciting news! Is there anything else that you’d like to share about the board meeting?

(EL) Our next regular school board meeting will be held on Thursday, April 20, at the District Office and via Zoom.

You can access the Zoom link, as well as recordings of our school board meetings, on our website: