Scholarships revoked for some Oregon Promise Scholarship recipients

EASTERN OREGON – Senator Lynn Findley, Representative Mark Owens and Representative Daniel Bonham recently issued a letter to Governor Kate Brown regarding a $3.6 million budget reduction to the Higher Education Coordinating Commission.  This reduction, according to that letter, has resulted in the Oregon Student Assistance Commission revoking Oregon Promise Scholarships that were already awarded to an estimated 1,550 students in Oregon.  

To date no response has been received from Governor Brown. 

In a social media post, Representative Owens said, “We made a promise to those young men and women and we need to keep that promise. We need to keep the Oregon Promise and re-fund the 3.6 billion dollars.”  

Representative Owens has also taken to social media asking citizens to sign a letter to Governor Brown asking that Oregon fulfill the promise that was made to these students a link for those interested in signing can be found at

According to Information from the Higher Education Coordinating Commission via

“Since the Legislature took this action, OSAC is required to revoke awards issued to students who have an EFC at or above 22,000, in order to meet the reduced budget. OSAC has notified students of this potential update, and an additional notice has gone out to students.”