SAR volunteers are needed

By on Monday, December 27th, 2021 in Featured Stories More Top Stories

UMATILLA COUNTY – This is the busy season for Umatilla County Search and Rescue, and Sheriff Terry Rowan said they are powered by volunteers and can always use more people. They don’t have to have special skills.

“Even if you’re the person grabbing maps and just providing aid to the incident commander, that’s a huge role,” he said.

Rowan says all volunteers undergo basic training, but those who are interested don’t have to stop there.

“You can progress,” he said. “There are all levels.”

Rowan said SAR can also be helped by donated equipment, especially ropes for the rope team. There are about 28 members of SAR at this point.

“The more capacity that we have we get to get out there in larger groups and do these searches, the better,” he said.

Volunteer applications are available on the Umatilla County website. Volunteers do undergo background checks.