SAIF Returns more than $3.9 million to Umatilla and Union County economies

UNION AND UMATILLA COUNTIES – SAIF, Oregon’s non-profit workers’ compensation insurance agency, announced at the beginning of the month a $135 million dollar dividend for businesses across Oregon, encompassing just over 52 thousand policyholders. This is the 14th consecutive year SAIF has offered dividends and the 26th overall year since 1990. According to the original announcement, “SAIF determines whether a policyholder dividend is appropriate based on capital levels, claim trends, and the overall economic environment.” SAIF more recently announced that, of the total funds, Union and Umatilla Counties would receive a combined total of over $3.9 million dollars.

Specifically, Union County policy holders will receive $1.1 million and Umatilla County policy holders will receive $2.8 million. Checks are to be distributed within a week of the time of notice.

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