RV parks proposed near WW airport

By on Monday, August 16th, 2021 in Columbia Basin News More Top Stories

WALLA WALLA – Two land lease proposals to construct recreational vehicle parks in the Walla Walla Regional Airport Business Park were recently sent to the Port of Walla Walla commissioners.

“We probably have an inquiry once a month, several times a year about creation and development of a RV park,” Port of Walla Walla Executive Director Pat Reay said. “I see there’s high demand. Retailers up at the airport district (business park) would welcome this kind of lease.”

The first proposal is from Dax Moreno of Walla Walla. In his proposal letter, he asked the port for a 20-year lease agreement on land located at the corner of Lockheed Avenue and G Street. The RV park Moreno envisions would consist of paved roads with approximately 30 to 60 spots, with and without power, water, and sewer hookups.

Some of the amenities Moreno’s RV park would include would be a designated community building, an aquatic center with full sized pool and pool house, on-site laundry facility and pickleball courts.

“The above referenced property is very suitable and will attract many locals as well as tourists all with the intention of increasing the local revenue,” Moreno stated in his proposal letter.

Moreno wrote that the terms for guest stays would be up to a three-week duration at a time and the site would be a resort-style park.

The other proposal was submitted by Mark Klicker, Scott Krivoshein and John Royse, all from Walla Walla. The site they propose is located across from the incubator wineries on Piper Avenue. Their letter to the Port of Walla Walla commissioners requesting to develop a RV park wasn’t as detailed as Moreno’s and lacked a list of amenities.

“This parcel would be ideal to access, it provides a beautiful view for our guests, and it has a front view of the incubator businesses which we believe benefits both those businesses and our guests,” Klicker stated in a letter to port commissioners.

At Thursday’s port commissioner’s meeting, it was agreed the port would continue to look further into both proposals before any decision is made.