Riverside rebuild project reaches community funding goal. Grant applications on the way

LA GRANDE – The Riverside Rebuild project, an effort to fundraise for and construct a new playground at Riverside Park in La Grande, recently announced that they’ve officially reached their local funding goal needed to move forward with the project. Through a combination of donations from local businesses, clubs, and individual donors, the project has officially raised $260,000 dollars. When asked about the recent success, La Grande Parks and Rec Director Stu Spence gave the following comment:

“It’s amazing. The committee worked diligently to go out and get all the donations required to secure the local match dollars. What that means is that state parks require local buy-in, local match, which can be cash or in-kind contributions, donations, whatever, to make sure that the community is supporting the project and that the community can sustain the project if funded.

So, over 40 individuals and businesses gave to the project, and just a huge outpouring of support. I know that the committee was out asking a lot of different businesses, and they all responded.”

With these funds in hand, Riverside Rebuild is eligible to apply for grants to cover the remaining costs, with an overall project cost of $650,000 dollars. According to Spence, all grant applications for the project have been submitted. Perspective grant providers include the Wildhorse Foundation, Avista Foundation, and Oregon State Parks.

Tentatively, actual construction isn’t likely to begin until next year, however. Again according to Spence, confirmation on the State Parks grant, which is supplying the majority of the remaining needed funds, won’t come through until September of this year. Taking into account fall and winter weather, construction, if the grant is approved, likely won’t start until around spring of 2025.

Further updates and donation opportunities can be found at https://lagrandeplayground.org/?fbclid=IwAR3rhUmFZjYfbniaUkS_Iul9rwC1rzzj5HR4XKZsr03f7WIZqgZgNVhcplU_aem_AcuLBsXOvpMYz35PzBgZ1qmo95ZaDjUtD37ahQy_Ct3-nC0FeWZXw31yLdW2oOFETQHKa1Hj9RP3UP3W7z4ecj5i