Increasing thefts, burglaries in Grant and Wheeler Counties

PRAIRIE CITY; FOSSIL, OR – Reports of theft and burglary are picking up all over Eastern Oregon. Grant County Emergency Communications listed yesterday that the Grant County Sheriff’s Office responded to a burglary call at a location on S Washington Street in Prairie City, but no details were released. Law enforcement is reminding individuals to lock up your possessions. It’s also advised not to leave your vehicle running unattended. One was stolen yesterday off of Main Street in Fossil of all places.  

Here is a release from the Wheeler County Sheriff’s Office:

“On 11/16/20 at 8:49 hours, dispatch received a call of a stolen vehicle that had just occurred within the past few minutes. The vehicle had been parked in the 800 block of Main St, in Fossil, with the engine running.

A deputy had seen the vehicle a few minutes prior to the call and watched it as it turned onto Hwy 19 and headed south out of Fossil. This information allowed deputies to respond from Service Creek and Spray to attempt to locate the vehicle.

The vehicle was located as it came through Service Creek. The vehicle was a 2007 Dodge RAM 4×4 pickup. A high-risk stop was performed on the vehicle and it was stopped at MP 94 on Hwy 19. A lone male was driving the vehicle and was taken into custody without incident.

The male was identified as Kendall Gavin Smith 09/05/85, who had a suspended Utah driver’s license as well as a warrant for his arrest for a Probation Violation on an original charge of Burglary. He was listed having violent tendencies, was an alcoholic, and known to abuse drugs.

Kendall Smith was taken into custody without incident for Unlawful Use of a Vehicle, Possession of a Stolen Vehicle and the outstanding warrant. He is being lodged at NORCOR.

It’s important to remember that this time of year that starting your vehicle, and letting it warm up or keeping it running while running an errand, can allow someone the opportunity to take your vehicle. Like in this case, the suspect was not from the area and this was a crime of opportunity.”

*Photo from the Wheeler County Sheriffs Office Facebook Page.*