Red Flag Program to kick off for the season

GRANT/HARNEY COUNTIES – Grant-Harney Fire Prevention Co-op Director Irene Jerome said the Red Flag program will be underway soon for businesses, public entities, churches, and other organizations interested in spreading fire safety awareness:

“If they’re interested in Red Flag Program, they just need to get a hold of me and we’ll provide them with a red flag. If we have an actual ‘red flag day’ as proclaimed by the National Weather Service, we send out a message and they hang their red flags out. It’s to provide awareness locally, but primarily because we have so many visitors.”

The purpose of the red flag effort is to make the public aware that the current weather and climate conditions are more conducive to wildfire spread than usual. Anyone interested in signing up for the Red Flag Program can contact Irene Jerome for more information at 541-620-4466.