Public comment forms may get added to John Day’s website

JOHN DAY – John Day City Manager Melissa Bethel was in the Elkhorn Media Group newsroom on Friday. Bethel said hopefully, down the line, the public will be able to submit questions or comments online to be addressed at council meetings:

“That’s one of the things for next year’s project to work on, is getting that nailed down. Like, having options on our website where people can submit forms to speak. We’re going to start having public speaking forms that they fill out at the meeting to make sure we get everybody in and do it a little more organized.”

Bethel also mentioned that anyone who feels strongly about one subject or another with the city is welcome to visit her 1-on-1 in her office at city hall.

Bethel was in the studio with Seneca City Manager Deb Oatman and appeared on KJDY’s Coffee Time. Listen to the full podcast below: