President is confident BMCC will stabilize

By on Monday, April 19th, 2021 in Columbia Basin News More Top Stories

PENDLETON – Blue Mountain Community College administrators and staff are working hard, and Interim President Connie Green is confident the institution will stabilize its finances while making sure students come first. Green acknowledged that in the past things were not done in a timely fashion to respond to dwindling funds, but those days are over. She said one thing the college doesn’t need is negativity, like an opinion piece that stated the college is on the brink of going broke.

“We want to be stable,” Green said. “We want to be predictable. We want our community to know that we’re there. They don’t have to deal with the op ed that we’re insolvent.”

Green said insolvency is not BMCC’s problem.

“One, you can’t be insolvent,” she said. “It’s illegal under Oregon law. Two is if people believe this, why would you come to us?”

Green said she is confident the college will stabilize its financial position while not sacrificing services to its students.