Prairie City enters into drought emergency

PRAIRIE CITY – The City of Prairie City has issued a Drought Emergency, effective immediately. Residents are to curtail their irrigating to every-other-day. Below is an official release from the city:

(Press Release from Prairie City Public Works Director Chris Camarena)

The City Council has issued a Drought Emergency. Please note that due to unusually high temperatures, drought conditions and an unforeseen national Chlorine shortage we are asking that consumers reduce outside usage of city municipal water to irrigating on alternate days and restricts filling of large pools or tanks at this time.

This means watering every other day according to your address. Resident addresses ending in odd numbers irrigate on odd numbered days and even numbers on even numbered days.

This allows the city to maintain a safe water level in our reservoir for fire emergencies and sanitary usage. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Public Works Director Chris Camarena at 541-620-3100 or City Hall at 541- 820-3605.