Prairie City boys helping the community during tough times

PRAIRIE CITY: In case you find yourself catching the cold winter blues, here’s a story that’ll warm your heart faster than peppermint cocoa. A couple of Prairie City kids have bundled up and decided to aid others in the community by helping with a few chores this holiday season. Young Nevin Thomas, 10, and Brogan Cearns, 9, said they can help you with all kinds of stuff:

Nevin: What we’ll do for the community is basically—

Brogan: We’ll get cans, we’ll split wood, we’ll stack wood, we’ll shovel snow off of people’s property so they don’t slide off into a ditch.

Nevin: We’re just trying to help out the community.

Brogan: We’re trying to help out others; COVID-19 and all of that.

Nevin: Yeah, because people can’t really go out with COVID-19.”

The boys said they’d like to stick mostly to the Prairie City area but can also do a few chores in John Day as well. If you’d like the help of Brogan and Nevin, call 541-643-6290.