PPD seeks McMurphy on warrants and pursuit

By on Tuesday, October 5th, 2021 in Columbia Basin News Featured Stories

PENDLETON – A short pursuit in Pendleton Monday at around 5 p.m. was called off for reasons of public safety. Police Chief Chuck Byram said an officer spotted Timothy Golden McMurphy riding in a car on the east side of Pendleton and attempted a traffic stop.

The vehicle eventually pulled over in the area of Tutuilla Road, but that’s when things got dangerous.

“The passenger decided that he was going to push the driver out of the driver’s seat and take off in the vehicle,” Byram said. “A pursuit ensued that only lasted for four minutes. The officer decided to call it off for a very good reason.”

Byram said the car headed towards Southgate and the officer felt it would be too dangerous to continue to pursue McMurphy, who took off at a high rate of speed.

“We all know what can happen when we take a pursuit into a crowded area,” Byram said. “I commend the officer for not continuing that pursuit and using investigative techniques to identify the driver.”

Byram said that McMurphy is now not only wanted on outstanding warrants, but on the charge of eluding law enforcement.