Potential buyer interested in purchasing the mill in Prairie City

By on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021 in Eastern/Southeast Oregon News More Top Stories

PRAIRIE CITY – Grant County Commissioner Sam Palmer recently informed our newsroom that there could be an opportunity for as many as 60 new local jobs in the near future. He filled us in on a conversation he had in the Economic Development Office regarding the mill in Prairie City:

“We have a prospective buyer for Prairie Wood Products. He seems to be very excited about it. The big piece is housing. We have got to have workforce housing.”

Palmer didn’t mention the prospective buyer’s name. He said if the sale goes through, there will be many added local benefits:

“You know, that’ll get our loggers back in the woods locally; they don’t have to travel out of the area. That’ll give a market for our private land holders. Maybe a bigger market for if we do have fire and we can salvage some of the wood—that’ll open that up.”

We’ll keep you updated as the information comes in.