Police seek rock thrower

By on Wednesday, December 6th, 2023 in Columbia Basin News More Top Stories

PENDLETON – There’s a serial rock thrower smashing glass in Pendleton. After taking three weeks to recover form hip replacement surgery, Chief Chuck Byram came back on the job and upon hearing the details of incidents over the last two weeks, assigned the issue to the property crimes detective.

“Our patrol staff has been taking a significant number of cases regarding this and we’re looking through video surveillance footage to try to ascertain who the individual involved is,” Byram said.

Byram said investigators believe they know who the culprit is.

“The level of proof that they need to make an arrest isn’t quite there yet, but they believe they know who it is,” Byram said. “If it is the person that they think it is, I will be highly disappointed. This is an individual we have worked time and time again with to try to get help and assistance.”

The chief said the more evidence they can gather the better. He asks anyone who might have suffered but not reported window damage to call and report the details.

“It may or may not be related, but if we don’t know about it how can we determine it,” he said. “See something, say something, please.”Photo by Republica via Pixabay