Police are ready for tricks and treats

PENDLETON – Halloween on a Saturday usually means concerns not just for children but for adults who over-imbibe. This year could be different, due to COVID-19 restrictions, but Pendleton Police Chief Stuart Roberts said it’s impossible to predict.

“We’re really having to be in a bit of a reactive mode this year,” he said. “We don’t have any idea of what to expect. At the same time, staffing levels and attentiveness are going to be consistent with what we do in a traditional year.”

Roberts also said no one knows whether COVID-19 will mean fewer children are out looking for treats since it’s close to impossible to sanitize treats.

“The advocacy would be probably not to engage in door-to-door trick or treating, but at the same time, I get it,” he said. “We’re going to have people who do it.”

He urges motorists to be on the watch for sudden moves by trick or treaters.