Planning continues for Pendleton housing

PENDLETON – The Pendleton Planning Commission is moving forward to develop housing on the Rees-Goad property on the east side of the city. Chairman Joseph Hull says the commission has already approved the development plan for just under 50 acres with developer Tod Lasley of T.J. Landco LLC of Spokane.

“I’m happy to report that March 7, last Thursday, we culminated with an approved development plan for the Lasley group,” Hull said. “We vetted that out for several hours and approved it at the end of the meeting.”

The commission is also working on developing housing strategy options for the 250 acres of land as well. It will codify housing strategy options to assist in developing housing strategies for both affordable housing and rental-burden relief programs. That report is supplemental to the city’s housing needs analysis.

The next Pendleton Planning Commission meeting is tentatively scheduled for March 28 at 7 p.m. at Pendleton City Hall.