PDC chips in for Moto Stuff renovation

PENDLETON – Moto Stuff has an ambitious plan for renovating the old Pendleton Fire Station, and it’s getting help for its $1.3 million project from the city. The development commission and city council have signed off on just under $495,000 in urban renewal grants.

The adventure motorcycling parts maker and distributor is moving to Pendleton from Hillsboro.

“They’re very successful over in the Portland metropolitan area,” Mayor John Turner said. “Scott Hart is from Pendleton originally and they’re investing well over a million dollars of their own money into this thing.”

Hart is not just planning on a showcase for his business.

“He’s making the retail operation downstairs and doing housing upstairs,” Turner said. “The long-term goal is to convert the old fire tower into temporary apartments.” The tower apartments would be primarily rented to people who come to Pendleton for adventure motorcycling, which is a combination of dirt-bike riding, motorcycle camping, and motorcycle touring. The second-story housing is described as a town home that will face the river side of the old fire station.

Illustration from Moto-Stuff is a concept drawing of the second-floor addition.