Part 2 of High Lake Rotenone Treatment Project discussion

By on Tuesday, March 21st, 2023 in Eastern/Southeast Oregon News More Top Stories

JOHN DAY – Brandon Haslick with the Burns Paiute Tribe and Dave Banks with the ODFW were back on KJDY’s Coffee Time for Part Two in the episode series discussing the High Lake/Lake Creek Rotenone Treatment Project. The project aims to eliminate Brook Trout from the system and restore native Bull Trout populations. Banks explains how they plan on saving some of the Bull Trout:

“Obviously, we don’t to affect Bull Trout downstream of that neutralization point. As a precaution, we’ll go in and electro [shock] fish to remove Bull Trout from the system and hold them outside of the effects of the neutralization products.

And so you can do that, so if you had amphibians or other species—anything that you didn’t want to be affected—before you did the treatment—you’d go and do a salvage event and hold them in a separate place.”

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