OTEC Gives Notice of Unclaimed Capital Credits to Current and Former Members

BAKER CITY – (Release from Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative) If you or someone you know used to be a member-owner of Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative (OTEC), there could be money waiting for you!

OTEC has updated its annual list of unclaimed capital credits as of April 13, 2023.

In accordance with OTEC bylaws and policy, the names of OTEC Members entitled to capital credit retirements – who have not yet claimed their retirements – can be reviewed on the OTEC website at: www.otec.coop/capital-credits

If you are an OTEC Member and current (or former) consumer of OTEC, please check the OTEC website and list of Members who have failed to claim payments of capital credits owed. 

Applications for re-issuing funds owed may be made by contacting your local OTEC office. Unless those persons named, or their heirs, claim payment no later than August 1, 2023, the unclaimed capital credit retirements that have been available for a period of four years, or since December 31, 2018, will be forfeited to the Cooperative.

OTEC also asks that anyone who knows of former OTEC members who may be owed capital credits to reach out to them to check and see if they have any unclaimed capital credits.

Please call OTEC at 541-523-3616 with questions.