OSP is investigating cattle mutilation

Editor’s note: Images with this story may prove to be disturbing.

PILOT ROCK – Oregon State Police fish and wildlife troopers are investigating a mutilation killing of a cow in a remote area of Umatilla County near Albee. The cattle owner, Fee Stubblefield, reported the mutilation on Facebook over the weekend. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife investigated and ruled that it was not a wolf depredation.

“All sex organs and tongue were cleanly cut out,” Stubblefield wrote. “No meat was gone.”

Umatilla County Commissioner George Murdock, a cattle rancher, viewed the mutilation and said it was disturbing.

“Our cattle are pastured along Dixie Ranch Road not far from the pasture in which the mutilation took place,” he wrote in his weekly newsletter. “Although I had seen the photos, it was a discomforting experience – not just because of the inhumane damage to the cow, but the lack of any evidence. There was no sign of blood nor had any predators – and there are many in the area – done anything to the carcass.”

It’s believed the mutilation took place last Thursday. Stubblefield has asked the public to report to OSP or to him any suspicious activity that was observed on Dixie Ranch Road, Camas, Creek, Albee, or Highway 244 near Cable Creek Road Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

“The Silvies Ranch lost several bulls last year and just this spring we lost a steer in this manner near Pilot Rock,” Stubblefield wrote. “These killings could be for ritual committed by someone with knowledge of our area.”

Murdock said that the pasture wasn’t easy to access.

“Whoever did this would have to come through a gate along the roadway – ironically the only one without a lock – and then walked 100 feet into a grove of trees where the cows had a habit of gathering,” he wrote. “The cow was laying in the middle of an open grove, but there was nothing to see but the damage to the cow, a great deal of mystery, and dozens of unanswered questions.”

Oregon State Police Public Information Officer Capt. Tim Fox said while troopers are investigating, there is not much to go on in the way of clues leading to the perpetrators.

Photos by Fee Stubblefield