OSAA needs more officials

By on Wednesday, November 1st, 2023 in Columbia Basin News More Top Stories

WILSONVILLE – The Oregon School Activities Association has once again issued an urgent call for officials as winter sports begin. InterMountain Education Service District Superintendent Mark Mulvihill was an official, and said it not only helped him pay his way through college; it also gave him a unique perspective.

“You’re not worried about the score,” he said. “You’re not worried about trying to win and you’re not worried about playing the right kids and moving kids and getting everybody in the game.”

He said that he enjoyed that perspective and wasn’t bothered by crowd reactions to his calls.

“Yeah, people can get a little out of control now and again, but that’s all part of it,” he said. “I really would encourage anyone with the slightest interest to at least have the conversation.”

Last year there was a total of 2,401 officials for a total of 38,651 contests. Information about how to find out more can be found at https://www.osaa.org/new-officials/index.html.

The OSAA’s website states, “Without officials, it’s just recess.”